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Vladyslav Sendecki 

Pianist, keyboardist, composer, arranger, producer

  • Born 1955 in Gorlice, city near Krakow (Poland) 
  • Primary music school till 11 years old, piano lessons from his father 
  • Continued study at School of Music Frederic Chopin with Prof. H. Szkielska and Prof. L. Stefanski 
  • As a classic pianist, at 15, he toured Holland and Belgium 
  • Between 1973 and 1981 studied piano and composition at the Music Academies in Krakow and Katowice, rectors: K. Penderecki - Krakow, Katowice - M. Gorecki
  • Found love for jazz and music improvisations 
  • 1974 founded jazz groups like "Extra Ball" and later "Sunship" at 21, where more than 200,000 records were sold 
  • 1st prize at the international jazz festival "Jazz on Odra River" (1976) 
  • 1st Prize of jazz critics, high sales numbers, he was invited to numerous international jazz festivals 
  • Among others worked with the Novi Singers, Z. Namyslowski, Janusz Muniak and T. Stanko 
  • 1981 emigrated in Switzerland 
  • Went on tours and played concerts in many countries: USA, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Scandinavia. 
  • Worked internationally with artists such as Jaco Pastorius, Lenny  

  • White, Marcus Miller, Billy Cobham, Larry Coryell, Michael and Randy Brecker, Joe Henderson, M. Urbaniak, Klaus Doldinger's "Passport" Victor Bailey, Miroslav Vitous, Jojo Meyer, Peter Herbolzheimer, Buster Williams, Till Bronner, Christof Lauer, 

  • Tomas Stanko, Nils Landgren, NDR Big Band with Al Jarreau, Bobby McFerrin, Victoria Tolstoy and many others.
  • Co-founded and played with "Polski Jazz Ensemble" 
  • Years of Actions to Favor Solidarity. 
  • Solo CD "Listen to My Story" UBM 
  • "Jamin" UBM 
  • "Man from Vilnau" Iceland Records - USA 
  • At the end of 80’s increased working as a composer and producer 
  • 1994 Worked as composer/producer on rock album "Haunted" based on the Music of R. Wagner, published in MCA 
  • 1995 moved to Germany 
  • Recorded "Mondspinner" German Record Prize 1997 
  • Founded the Hamburg Jazz Quartet with W. Schlüter 
  • Received permanent contract and became a Pianist for the NDR Big Band (Neues Deutsche Rundfunk Big Band) 
  • Gave concerts and issued many records with, among others Bobby McFerrin, Al Jareau, Maria Schneider, Susi Hyldgard, Elvin Jones, Joao Bosco and many other. 
  • Producer of "ANIMA MUNDI" ("Soul of the World") 
  • Private Free Electronic Trio, "The Wanderer" with Reiner Winterschladen- trumpet and Stephan
  • Maass - percussion
  • Vitold Rek Charlie Mariano Quartet with Martin France.
  • Co-producer of the album "IB4"
  • Co-producer "Poetic Jazz"
  • "Urban Mask" among others with Colin Towns, Andy Sheppard, ...
  • Member of Till Bronner band
  • Member of the Wolfgang Haffner Band
  • About 200 records as a studio musician
  • Solo CD "Piano" - Provocateur label
  • Electric Treasures - with Markus Stockhausen, Arild Andersen, Patrice Heral
  • Solo CD "At Schloss Elmau" ACT Records
  • 2011 Hamburg Jazz Award 

And many, many others ………. 

© Vladyslav “Adzik” Sendecki 2016