Piano is my first solo composed and written . The solo album was chart topper in jazz music for many weeks. This album is dedicated to od my family, band members and closest friends.  My music can be heard in the of poetry readings by Angélique Duvier. You are welcome to watch music video and concert footage from this record. Get your copy from the online shop

1.   ⏯⬇️  Thousand Island Park

2.   ⏯⬇️  Variations

3.   ⏯⬇️  Chagall Suite part I

4.   ⏯⬇️  Chagall Suite part II

5.   ⏯⬇️  Cgagalle Suite part III

6.   ⏯⬇️  Donne Variations

7.   ⏯⬇️  Vicious Circle

8.   ⏯⬇️  Friendly Garden

9.   ⏯⬇️  Harlequin

10. ⏯⬇️  For All Loneley People


Friendly Garden - Music Video

For All Loneley People - LIVE in Warsaw, Poland

© Vladyslav “Adzik” Sendecki